Privacy & disclaimer

Parkeerbeheer INDIGO nv collects the personal details that the customer enters on the personal data page, as well as information about their clicking and browsing behaviour and transactions through the Parkeerbeheer INDIGO website. Parkeerbeheer INDIGO nv has exclusive access to the above-mentioned personal data. Parkeerbeheer INDIGO respects the legal provisions set out in the Data Protection Act.

Customers' data is stored in a customer database and used to process the order or booking, including customer service. Parkeerbeheer INDIGO nv uses the data to analyse the customer's clicking and browsing behaviour and transactions in order to develop customer profiles. Parkeerbeheer INDIGO nv use these profiles to improve the range of its products and services on this site and to make customised offers from Parkeerbeheer INDIGO's entire product and service range.

At the request of third parties, Parkeerbeheer INDIGO nv may conduct Antwerp Airport marketing campaigns using the customers' address details. Customers' address details may be used up to twelve (12) times per year for mailshots. Parkeerbeheer INDIGO nv has exclusive access to this personal data.

If a customer has any objections to the collection or analysis of their data for the purposes of making customised offers, the customer can inform Parkeerbeheer INDIGO nv of their objections via the link on the newsletter. Should a customer want to remove his/her data from the customer database, they can do this using the email address: 

Except where it is required by law, Parkeerbeheer INDIGO nv will not share customers' personal data with third parties or institutions outside Antwerp Airport without the customers' consent.

Parkeerbeheer INDIGO nv pays great attention to the quality of its customer database. Personal details are regularly checked for accuracy, and old irrelevant data is deleted on a regular basis. Customers can correct their personal details directly on the personal data page. 

If they have any questions or complaints, customers can contact us at Customers can ask Parkeerbeheer INDIGO nv to provide an overview of their particulars, as recorded on the customer database.