1. What is Reserva?

Reserva is a service from Parkeerbeheer INDIGO that allows you to pre-book a parking bay.
You use your licence plate number or password to access the car park.

2. What are Reserva's booking conditions?
The conditions are simple:
- Reservations can only be made with a credit card or via iDEAL.
- You can make a reservation 48 hours before your reservation moment. You can book 9 months in advance.
- Bookings can be made via https://reserva.besixpark.com.
- You enter or leave the car park using your licence plate number or a six-digit access code.

3. How do I book a parking bay?
1. Go to https://reserva.besixpark.com.
2. You'll need to have a credit card or internet banking to make a reservation.
3. Enter a start date and time, as well as an end date and time, and click on 'Next'.
4. Then enter your licence plate number or indicate you'll fill it in later.
5. Next, enter your personal details; all fields marked with a "*" are compulsory. Click on  'Next'.
6. Fill in your payment details: You can choose to pay by credit card or internet banking.
7. You can only continue if you accept the 'general terms and conditions'.
8. Click 'confirm & pay'.

You will receive confirmation of your booking via the e-mail address you provided (have the booking at hand when you arrive. If you require service or in case of confusion, our staff may ask you for your booking number).

4. Can I phone to book a parking bay?
No, you can only book a parking bay via our website.

5. What is the maximum overhead clearance?
The maximum overhead clearances in the car park are:

· Antwerp Airport: These are external areas, therefore there is no restriction.

· Rue Royal: 1.95 m.

6. How do I know if my reservation has been accepted?
After booking, you will receive an e-mail with a PDF file. This PDF file is your confirmation, and contains your booking period, as well as your booking number. You need to have this confirmation and the parking ticket with you when entering and exiting the car park.

7. What is my mobile phone number used for?
It's always handy to have your mobile number in case we have to tell you about any unforeseen circumstances.

8. What can I do if the car park is full when I arrive?
If you’ve booked, you will always be able to enter your previously chosen car park.

9. When can I book?
You can book via: https://reserva.besixpark.com. You can book up to 9 months before departure and you must at least book 48 hours prior to the start date of your reservation moment.

10. How far in advance can I change or cancel my booking?
You can change your booking up to 48 hours before your reservation moment. Changing your booking is free of charge.

Once you cancel, your right to park will terminate.

If you’ve booked a budget rate, you will not be able to make any changes when there are no budget parking bays available.

11. Where can I park if I have a Reserva booking?
Reserva applies to P Premium and P Economy for Antwerp Airport and Parking Royal for Brussels.

12. How do I access the car park with my Reserva booking?

On arriving at the car park, please follow the steps below:
1. On entering, the camera will "read" your licence plate at the boom. You'll then get a parking ticket from the ticket dispenser. Take your ticket; the boom will rise within a few seconds. If you do not receive a parking ticket from the dispenser, key in your six-digit access code, which is located in the upper right-hand corner of the booking confirmation. Make sure you always have the booking confirmation with you.
2. If you haven't entered your licence plate number when booking, then use your six-digit access code.  You'll find this in the top right-hand corner of the booking confirmation. Key your six-digit access code into the pillar at the boom. Press 'OK'. You'll receive a special parking ticket from the ticket dispenser (which means your reservation has been recognised).

Take your ticket; the boom will rise within a few seconds. If you don't receive a parking ticket from the ticket dispenser, request assistance via the intercom (do not press the ticket button).
Make sure you always have the booking confirmation with you.

On returning, follow the steps below: 

1. On return, you do not have to go to the payment terminal; you can proceed directly and exit using your licence plate number. If this does not work, key in your six-digit access code in the pillar at the boom. Press 'OK'.
2. If you entered the car park using the access code, you must insert your parking ticket into the card reader. The boom will open within a few seconds.
3. If you have parked for longer than the booked period, you have to pay for the extra time at the payment terminal or the pay-on-exit terminal if there is one.

13. Is a special section of the car park reserved?
There is no special reserved section. You can therefore park in any chosen parking bay (except in reserved parking bays).

14. What transport is available from P Economy at Antwerp Airport to the terminal?
There is a shuttle from P Economy to the terminal.  In the bus shelter between the roundabout (between the entrance and exit) there is an intercom with which you can request the shuttle. 

On return, use the intercom next to the exit of the airport building.

During flight hours, a shuttle travels to and from the terminal every 10 minutes. 

15. Is it possible to park for longer than I booked for?
Yes, you can park for longer than the booked period. You'll pay the regular rate for the under-booked period.

16. What happens if the parking time is exceeded a little?

There is a buffer time of one hour on your booking period (before the start of your booking period). You can exit in the manner indicated.

17. Are the car parks secured?
No, parking is at your own risk. Please refer to the General Terms and Conditions.

18. How is the payment calculated when you park for a longer (or shorter) time than you've booked?
If you park for less than the time you've booked, you are not entitled to a refund. If you park for longer than you've booked, you have to pay the difference at the ticket terminal.

19. What about the privacy of my data?
Parkeerbeheer INDIGO nv collects the personal details that the customer enters on the personal data page, as well as information about their click and browsing behaviour, and transactions through the Parkeerbeheer INDIGO website. Parkeerbeheer INDIGO has exclusive access to the personal data above. Parkeerbeheer INDIGO respects the legal provisions set out in the Data Protection Act.

Customers' data is stored in a customer file and used to settle the order or booking, including customer service. Parkeerbeheer INDIGO uses the data to analyse the click/surfing behaviour and transactions to develop customer profiles. Parkeerbeheer INDIGO use these profiles to improve the range of its products and services on this site and to make customised offers from Parkeerbeheer INDIGO's entire product and service range. Parkeerbeheer INDIGO may, on request from third parties, conduct Antwerp Airport marketing campaigns using the customers' address details. Customers' address details may be used up to twelve (12) times per year for mailshots. Parkeerbeheer INDIGO has exclusive access to this personal data. If a customer has any objections to the collection or analysis of their data for the purposes of making customised offers, the customer can inform Parkeerbeheer INDIGO of their objections via the link on the newsletter. Should a customer want to remove his/her data from the customer database, they can do this using the email address: reserva@besixpark.com. Parkeerbeheer INDIGO will not - except where obliged by law - share customers' personal data with third parties or institutions outside Antwerp Airport without the customers' consent. Parkeerbeheer INDIGO pays great attention to the quality of its customer database. Personal details are regularly checked for accuracy, and old irrelevant data is deleted on a regular basis. Customers can correct their personal details directly on the personal data page. For questions or complaints, customers can contact us on: reserva@besixpark.com. Customers can ask Parkeerbeheer INDIGO to provide an overview of their particulars, as recorded on the customer database.

20. Why is my licence plate number registered?
The licence plate registration system is used to increase the safety of the car parks. When exiting, the parking ticket and the licence plate number are checked to see if they correspond to the customer who entered the car park. If not, the exit will be blocked to prevent anyone exiting with your car without the proper parking ticket. In addition, if you've lost the ticket, the registration can be used to create a new parking ticket at the information desk.  Finally, you can book via the website: https://reserva.besixpark.com and enter the car park with you licence plate number when you choose to do so.

21. When will my licence plate number be registered? 
Once you enter the car park with your vehicle, your registration number is recorded in our Parking Management System. You’ll be able to see this because your licence plate number will be printed on your parking ticket when you enter the car park. As soon as you exit the car park, your licence plate number will be removed from the Parking Management System. Once you book via https://reserva.besixpark.com, your licence plate number will also be registered in our system, so you will be recognised when entering the car park and so we can create the booking.

22. Is my licence plate data stored after I exit the car park? 
When you book, your licence plate number is removed from our system once no longer needed to make and follow-up the booking.

23. What does Reserva do with the licence plate number data?
The licence particulars are recorded in our Parking Management System until the vehicle leaves the car park, unless the booking was made with the licence plate number, in which case the licence plate data will be used to make and follow-up the reservation. The data is not shared with third parties unless we are obliged to do so by law. There is no link to the Vehicle Registration Authority.

24. Will my licence information be shared with the tax authorities or other institutions?
No, your licence data will not be shared with the tax authorities or verified with the Vehicle Registration Authority, unless Parkeerbeheer INDIGO Park is required to do so by law.


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